The Single Biggest Mistake Made by Health Care Entrepreneurs

There is one thing that too many health care entrepreneurs get wrong when they first get started in a business of their own. That one thing is creating their professional care provider product or service business before finding an eager market. If you create your health care product or service and then look for someone to buy it you are going about your business backwards.The better way to start your professional care provider business is to find a starving market and then create a product or service that solves a problem for this starving market. It is even better if you can find where you target market gathers. Are there online groups or discussion forums that are frequented by your target market? How about off line groups or associations? Your most lucrative opportunities are when you find a starving crowd, you have the solution they are seeking, and you can find them in a group. Your sales efforts are much more effective when you are selling to a group versus selling one to one.Do not assume that the market exists for your health care business idea. Confirm it before you start your professional care provider business. If there is no starving market there is no business potential. Not knowing for sure can be a fatal flaw in your health care business planning.Some professional care providers have started their businesses only to learn that their potential customers only accept yearly contracts and they are two months into the current yearly cycle. This means having to wait ten months before they would be able to begin providing services and be able to bill. It could then take another one to two months to collect on these billings. Having rented a building and hired staff this was a costly error to have made and could even bankrupt this health care business before it even gets started.Before you start your health care business confirm the following:There is a strong need for your product or service
Where your market gathers
Your market is ready and eager to buy
Your business offers a unique solution to their problemIf you can find a starving market, have the solution they are seeking, and can get your sales message to them at the right time you will be successful. If you do your research you should be able to successfully launch a lucrative health care business.

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